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Apron Feeders

Robust and Rugged Feeding

• Robust and Heavy Duty Design for minimal downtime and years of service life.
   Delta offer a complete range of heavy duty Apron Feeders designed for the most intense

• Delta's Apron Feeders can be designed and manufactured to suit specific requirements and    include features such as sealed tractor chain and support rollers, SD/TH spherical roller bearing    housings and impact rails where applicable.

• Apron Feeders are custom designed for each application. They can be either hydraulically driven        via a hydraulic motor, torque arm, and power pack or alternatively by a motor driven planetary

• Delta Apron Feeders are built in various sizes and with a wide variety of components, to handle    different types of materials. The cost can vary depending on our client’s requirements. Factors    such as the characteristics of material carried, capacity, length, method of feeder loading, degree    of lift, hopper opening, pan construction and type of drive are considered.

• The Apron Feeder drive sprocket is designed with an odd number of teeth and half tooth type to    ensure contact occurs on every second revolution. In this way the design life of the sprockets is    increased.

• Support rollers on our Apron Feeders are designed heavy duty and are lubricated for life. The        strength and fatigue characteristics that they exhibit are excellent as they are heat treated and    therefore can absorb the impact loading present during operation. Support rollers are closely    spaced to maintain a controlled and rigid operation.

• Pans on our Apron Feeders are manufactured from an austenitic steel (heat treated) and      incorporate a high percentage of manganese. Manganese is added to the austenitic steel as a      high proportion thus allowing the pans to exhibit material qualities which are required for the    application, i.e. high hardness, strength, malleability and toughness. Due to normal steels gaining    in brittleness when hardened, manganese austenitic steels do not, and therefore have the very    important material qualities of toughness and hardness to absorb the impact loading and abrasive    nature of the material and application. Steel pans are used where the extreme impact and    abrasive nature of operation is not present.

• Depending on pan width, the inclusion of support member may be required. This support member    is designed so that it minimizes deflection within the elastic limit of the pan material and therefore save the pan from permanent plastic deformation.

• Heavy fabricated base frame is designed to incorporate custom requirements which may include    walkways, access to certain points, and certain maintenance and lifting restrictions present for    the Apron Feeder on site. While at the same time the base frame is designed to be able to    withstand loads during operation in terms of strength and fatigue.

• Heavy duty crawler chain is used on our Apron Feeders and therefore being able to withstand the    high impact and abrasive loads that are present during operation. The chain includes links, pins    and bushings which are all heat treated for improved strength and hardness.

• The drive on our Apron Feeders can be either a direct hydraulic motor or via a planetary gearbox,    depending on the size required from loading. Hydraulic motor will require a hydraulic power unit    which can be supplied upon request. Drive control can be supplied as either constant speed or    variable speed (by way of incorporating a VSD).

Various Apron Feeder models with a wide range of tonnage rates available. Please contact us for further information.