Delta Shiploaders

Delta Engineering's Shiploaders are built for performance and long lasting reliability. They are matched to a specific application.

Delta has designed, built, and commissioned fixed and "on-rail" Shiploaders. Shiploader capacity can vary from 1000 tph to 7500 tph or even larger.
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• A variety of materials can be loaded on ships.
   Dust suppression systems are used for dusty
   materials including telescopic load-out chutes of
   different capacities.
• The bogie drives are normally equipped with
   brakes and storm anchors. The brakes are
   failsafe with hydraulic release. Luffing of the
   boom is normally done via luffing winches and
   rope/sheaves system, which provide the
   mechanical advantage needed for operation.
• Shiploaders with a boom reach of up to 30
   metres or more have been designed and
   constructed by Delta Engineering. The "On-Rail"
   Shiploaders are normally designed and built with
   heavy duty pivoted bogies and stabilizer bars.
• The electrical control is via a Programmable
   Logic Controller(PLC) which provides for easy
   parameter changes if required.