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Mill Relining Machines and Handlers

• Delta Engineering is a designer and manufacturer of Mill Liner Handler Machines

• Mill Liner Handling Machines have been developed for the placement and removal of the liners inside grinding mills.

• Mill Liner Handlers are typically positioned nearby to the ball, SAG or AG mill(s) they service.

• Mill Liner Handling Systems play a critical role in scheduled maintenance of the grinding mills. Liner Handlers are essential machinery for effective liner change out.

• The major benefits of investing in Mill Relining Machinery are that operating and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.


Standard Mill Liner options: 

• Mill Liner Handling Machines can be provided as 3, 7, or 8 axis.

• Additional options include liner clamp for a quick changeout.

• Suitable for liner handling of rubber and steel liners up to 6t unit mass.

• Mill Liner Handling Machines can be provided with an optional Radio Control Unit.

• Mill Liner Handler Machines can be supplied with an optional powered trolley for liner retrieval/removal.

• All designs of Mill Liner Handling Machines includes Finite Element Analysis to ensure machine strength and long life.

• All Mill Liner Handler Machines are fully supported by our service team on hand 24/7.