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Delta Rockbreaker Booms

Fixed Pedestal Mounted Rockbreakers

Superior Rock Breaker Booms. Superior Performance.


Fixed Rock Breaker Boom Systems

Delta Rockbreaker Booms are built to operate in mines and quarries where secondary breaking is required for oversized or bridged rock.

Delta Rockbreakers have earned a reputation for rugged reliability. All of our Rockbreakers are able to be customised to provide maximum efficiency and performance. 

• Proportional valves enable small, accurate movements, giving the operator precise positioning capabilities. 



Standard Rock Breaker Power Pack options:

• Remote power unit with the control station located separately.

• Remote wireless radio control capabilities to give the operator maximum flexibility when operating the Rock Breaker

• Standard Power Packs are built for longlasting performance and minimum maintenance.



Accurate positioning of the Rock Breaker boom is attained by one of two methods:

• 180 slewing angle with cylinder actuated slewing motion.

• 360 slewing angle with slew ring mounted bases.

• All cylinder clevis' have self-aligning spherical bearings to protect against side loading.

• A hard wired control panel can be integrated into existing Rock Breaker workstations.



• Remote communication also available for control of the Rock Breaker over very large distances.

• Complete workshop testing prior to dispatch of all our Rock Breakers.

• Constant development and innovation of our Rock Breakers allows for superior performance and longevity.

• All hydraulic cylinders exhibit over-size hard chromed piston rods to ensure a maximum
operating life.